01. It only [costs] $2 to rent a video on Wednesday nights.
02. Don't lose your student I.D. card or it will [cost] you $10 to replace it.
03. Her apartment only [costs] $500 a month, everything included.
04. It is [costing] them thousands of dollars to put their children through university.
05. It [cost] over $1000 to fix my car, and I only paid $2000 for it in the first place.
06. Rising tuition [costs] are preventing many young people from getting a university education.
07. Don't let a mistake like drinking and driving [cost] you your life.
08. These soldiers paid the ultimate [cost] to protect their country so that you and I could live in a democracy.
09. The player made a [costly] mistake when he tried to pass the ball to his teammate, and it was intercepted.
10. The rider got a flat tire, which [cost] him almost two minutes in the race.
11. We have had to raise prices because our [costs] have gone up.
12. If you do some minor repairs to your house it won't [cost] much, but it'll certainly increase the value of your property.
13. Since we computerized our inventory, we have been able to cut our [costs] by over ten percent.
14. The two companies recently merged at a [cost] of over 200 jobs.
15. Government forces were able to drive the rebels back, but at a [cost] of over 50 lives.
16. The accident [cost] the driver of the car the use of his legs.
17. The government intends to reduce the budget of all the ministries at a [cost] of hundreds of jobs.
18. This camera [costs] about $50 less at CameraWorld downtown.
19. He lost his court case and was ordered to pay [costs] of over $4000.
20. The judge ordered him to pay [costs] of $200, but dismissed the charges against him.
21. His drinking problem has [cost] him both his marriage and his job.
22. He has to have a [costly] operation, but they simply don't have the money to pay for it.
23. Our salary increase hasn't even matched the rising [cost] of living in this city.
24. The materials and labor for the construction have been [costed] at about $1 million.
25. The government has [costed] the improvements to the bridge at just over $3 million.
26. Yelling at his boss at the annual Christmas party was a [costly] mistake. In fact, he got fired the next day.
27. The [cost] of housing in this city is so high that the average family can no longer afford to buy a house.
28. The materials, labor, everything has to be [costed] before we can make a decision whether or not to move forward on the project.
29. Someone once remarked that peace may [cost] as much as war, but it is a better buy.
30. Julius Nyerere once observed that violence is unnecessary and [costly]. Peace is the only way.
31. Disneyland was built in only one year at a [cost] of $17 million.
32. The 1999 movie Blair Witch Project [cost] only $50,000 to produce, but made $29 million in its first weekend.
33. A Cambodian proverb suggests that stealing may bring profit, but hanging [costs] far more.
34. A Chinese proverb advises, "Take a second look; it [costs] you nothing."
35. A Creole proverb notes that thanks cost [nothing].
36. A French proverb observes that to enjoy life is worth so much more than it [costs].
37. A Dutch proverb states that what [costs] nothing is worth nothing.
38. A Spanish proverb suggests that cheap things cost a lot of [money].
39. An old saying notes that kind words are worth much and they [cost] little.
40. A Yiddish proverb states that experience [costs] blood.
41. The chalet we rented for our ski trip can take up to 10 people, so we can all share and split the [cost].
42. The salesman told me the car would [cost] $5,000, but the actual [cost] with tax was $5,700.
43. The administration has decided that the only way to cut [costs] is by reducing the number of employees.
44. We require a detailed [cost] analysis before we can make a final decision.
45. In a department store catalog from 1900, a piano [cost] $98.00.
46. The American Civil War between the North and South [cost] thousands and thousands of young men their lives.
47. The government's decision to delay the election call may [cost] them votes.
48. In World War Two, it [cost] the Allies about $225,000 to kill each enemy soldier.
49. To save money on your food bill at the grocery store, look down; less [costly items] are often on bottom shelves.
50. The [cost] of supporting Vietnam's military takes more than half the nation's income.
51. Gambling provides lots of money for the government, but at great social [cost].
52. Dog bites rank second behind sexually transmitted diseases as the most [costly] health problem in the United States.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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